Staying Safe After Leaving

If you have already left, you may still feel unsafe, or the person you have left may still try to get in touch with you. You should avoid contacting them and consider whether your phone or social media platforms are secure – this could mean turning off location settings on your mobile devices or making social media accounts private.

If your abuser knows where you work and your shift pattern, consider alternative arrangements that you can make to keep yourself safe. This could involve sharing a lift with a colleague or explaining the situation to your employer to see if you can change shift times or work in a more flexible way.

Contact the police if you feel unsafe or are being stalked. This type of behaviour is a criminal offence and there are measures available to the authorities to keep you safe and ensure that the abuser cannot harm you.

Logging/keeping a diary of all the times the abuser makes unwanted contact with you, this will help you understand the patterns of this behaviour as well as keeping evidence if you take criminal or civil action against them.

You are not alone, the NIDAS specialists are there to help you through to find your freedom.

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