Domestic Abuse Champions

Welcome to your NIDAS Domestic Abuse Champion portal.

Now you are part of our Norfolk network, this will be your one stop shop to have all of your Champion information in one place.

You will be able to see what events we have scheduled throughout the year, including:

  • Networking events
  • Learning events
  • Refresher events

You will be able to secure a place by booking directly from here.

You will also be able to book in a consultation with one of the NIDAS Recovery and Community Facilitators, directly from here (please remember, this is not a emergency service).

We will be sharing resources, regular national and local domestic abuse related news, you will have access to our NIDAS newsletters.

One-to-one case consultations (non-emergency)

During your initial two day training, your NIDAS Recovery and Community Facilitator would have offered all trained Domestic Abuse Champions access to 1:1 consultations. These case consults are not intended for an emergency response (as availability of staff to respond can not be guaranteed – and where there is urgency, safeguarding procedures within your organisation should be followed), but if there are situations/cases you would like to discuss with our team of Recovery and Community Facilitators, you can take book available slots here: Please remember to include if you would like this consultation over the phone or virtually.